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Harry Rodriguez is a Venezuelan who started his own business at a very young age and always had the philosophy of being independent. It all began with a stand in a shopping mall in Venezuela, where he started selling personalized gifts.

At the same time he worked for important companies designing logos and making balloon decorations for events of those same companies. Upon arriving in the United States in 2015 he invested in the machine to customize shirts and started doing it as a hobby initially, for personal events or those of his friends.

Subsequently, being unemployed as a result of the pandemic, it was the moment when he along with his wife, made the decision to make his passion for decorating and crafts, a business. Harry perfected his knowledge in these techniques and was later certified to make arrangements with natural flowers, while at the same time honing his skills in party decoration.

Teamwork is another of Maha U.S.A.'s intrinsic values and that is why he works with partner brands, matching them in the pastry and decoration areas. Thus, Maha U.S.A. Decoration and Parties became a brand that offers avant-garde decoration for all kinds of parties and event.